AnnieB's Detour: Low vs Diamond

This will probably be one of the rare times I mention bands, but things really seem to be moving forward for these guys this year. I first heard this band on my local indie station (Indie 103.1 FM) a couple years ago when they called themselves Colored Shadows, and I've somewhat been keeping tabs on them ever since. This LA-based band is now known as Low vs Diamond and is signed to the same UK record label as the Killers. After a couple EPs, they are set to release their self-titled debut album this upcoming May.

Earlier this month Low vs Diamond participated at SXSW and in the past have opened for Air and the Sounds. This July, they will be part of the first-ever Pemberton Festival lineup held in Canada, which is headlined by Coldplay, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Jay-Z, and Nine Inch Nails.

Here's a site I found where you can preview some of their songs. "Life After Love" is the song that first caught my attention on the radio and "Heart Attack" was a single released last year in the UK.

[update: 03/28/08]
Just saw this on their myspace and thought I'd add a clip so you can get an immediate sample of what Low vs Diamond sounds like.
Low vs Diamond in the studio

I also sent a message through myspace encouraging them to check out t61. The keyboardist, Tad, sounded interested and suggested I send an email to their I did, but who knows what will happen from there. At least it was worth a shot :-)

Low vs Diamond's Myspace

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silkworm said...

Another great find, AnnieB. In case it escaped anyone's attention, on the low vs. diamond myspace: the Pemberton Festival. Looks sweet.