Isn't Me - Cactus Bob Secret Track - A Max Bumps Exclusive

I've been chatting with Ryan Fox, drummer of the band Cactus Bob. He sent me a secret track to post. You won't hear this at The Sixty One... heck, some of the band members haven't even heard it!

Ryan says, "Nobody else was around for band practice when our singer Robby Gira showed me 'Isn't me'. We thought it would be a good idea to record it, so we did. We didn't have a bass amp, so I just played the bass part on a keyboard. We needed something else, so we gathered my father and some beer bottles (which were both just laying around the house), then we blew!", he adds, "Blew on the beer bottles that is."

"As you listen you will notice that only my dad can actually make the true jug sound; both Robby and I were just making loud breathy noises in our attempts to blow on our beer bottles."

-Ryan Fox (drums/beer bottle), Cactus Bob

I really like the song and people just don't blow on jugs anymore. Tell us what you think.


willie said...

I'm really stuck with Cactus Bob. When I hear a new upload I'm often under whelmed, then after the bumps roll in I can see the attraction. Only one or two have really hit me straight off. And when they do. Wow!

silkworm said...

Am I the only one that listened to this and started thinking "Bump! Bump!" Great, relaxed vibe here.

timyjl said...

It could be easy to blow them off due to their lo-fi/low budget production value, but what sets C-Bob apart for me is the quality of the writing and vocals. Sure, not every track is gold, but the ones that are leave me amazed. Everyone, The Blvd. She Don't Cry, Going Down, The way it goes, and Together we will stand. Get these guy in a studio with the right producer and they would kill. The one that kills me though is Out on Your Own, while lyrically excellent comes up short, most particularly on the drums, (sorry Ryan) as a student of the craft my self it just feels wrong for the tune. But enough BS. Feel free to tell me I am wrong.

Isn't Me is another winner in my book. They need to work on their jugsmanship but the (synth?) harmonica is a nice touch.

To think that they had to resort to wall spam to get people to take notice (Ryan hit me up twice).