KosmikRay's Wall Crawl is Tonight and other events from Kosmik

KosmikRay runs all sorts of online events at The Sixty One and we're hoping he'll join the blog in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I'm reposting from KosmikRay's Wallzine:

Wall Crawl

TIMYJL and KOSMIKRAY invite you to the inaugural WALL CRAWL this Sunday night beginning at 8 pm EASTERN. For two hours we will jump to a dozen listener's walls for great underbumped music, and end with a new music upload party at 10 pm EASTERN. The crawl starts at 8 on Timmy's wall. He will put up 3 great tunes and we'll have three minutes to listen, bump and comment on each. After ten minutes, he'll post a link to the next Wall and off we all go again. Previous events like the Bump & Grind Strategic Bombing Mission and the infamous SCRAMBLE netted lots and lots of new songs posting and zillions of listener points happily used.

If you would like to be considered to be visited by the torch-carrying bumping hordes of the first-ever Wall Crawl, send me a tunebox with the three killer tunes you would have featured ASAP. Only one slot is left.

If you are an artist and would like to join the upload party at the end of the crawl, send me a tunebox with the band and new tune name. The Wall Crawl and Upload Party is open to all, so pass the word. The more the better. So far, noctaluca will put up "Suck Hard" (one of their best and previewable at noctaluca.com), lovespirals "This Truth" (live) (tentative due to scheduling), and newcomer Banjo Drill's "Robot Boy", Laura Marie's "People" (live), and probably more. Puntspeedchuck wants to revisit all the Wall Crawl tunes we visit in his 61 podcast, so additional exposure is assured.

Lovespirals Remix Contest -- Win An Ipod Touch!

Peace Love Productions is holding a remix contest for Lovespirals recent single, 'This Truth". The top 5 finalists will be promoted as podsafe singles on Lovespirals' Podsafe Music Network remix page and considered for inclusion on a new digital remix EP and CD, plus the top 2 finalists will receive all 3 Lovespirals' CDs - personally autographed by Anj Bee and Ryan Lum - and the grand prize winner will also get a year's subscription to the PLP Producer's Vault and an 8 gig iPod Touch! Find out all the details at lovespirals.com!

Bozo Drive!

I STILL don't know if there are enough people who are willing to pay to force me to put up an ugly Bozo photo (instead of my nice blue snow) for all of spring. As you know, here's the bet: Everyone join in and pledge $1,000 in TOTAL donations to Sam and James' t61 enterprise, and I'll kick in $100 and change my pic to Bozo for three months. The top 500 listeners were contacted about this via wall message. That means it could happen with just $2 per person. Post on my wall or in my tunebox your pledge marked BOZO DRIVE, and I'll keep a tally.

Bonus: Any song in a BOZO DRIVE tunebox pledge will get a guaranteed bump if pledge is more than the points cost.
Art Bonus: Graphic Designer timyjl is working up the BOZOFOTO.

Double Bonus: missi will match my $100 when $1k is reached! Sweet!

  1. $50 pledge from zagudabuda (additional donation) 2-10
  2. $60 pledge from jorunnix 2-10
  3. $35 pledge from petiejoe 2-11
  4. $50 pledge from kafkajoubert (additional donation) 2-11
  5. $75 pledge from anon (jpalf., upped from $50) 2-11
  6. $20 from anon (additional pledge) 2-12
  7. $20 donation from mrvelvet (just used paypal) 2-12
  8. $10 pledge from artist Laura Marie 2-12
  9. $10 pledge from rfiedel 2-12
  10. $20 pledge from comradinarms (additional donation) 2-12
  11. $25 pledge from LMMS 2-12
  12. $20 pledge from matttynabib 2-12
  13. $20 donation from batface89 (additional donation) 2-12
  14. $30 pledge from bloke 2-13
  15. $10 pledge from calculatedCHA0S (additional donation) 2-17
  16. $20 pledge from blkdiamondlove (additional donation) 2-17
  17. $40 pledge from comradeinarms (third donation) 2-18
  18. $20 pledge from iWex (additional donation) 2-28
  19. $30 pledge from myktoronto (additional pledge) 2-29

Current Pledge Total: $585 (+ $100 kosmik + $100 missi) = $785

That Was Pathetic!

That is the latest playlist from batface89. All the new dogs are to be impounded there. Send your worst finds to her. (Will anything EVER beat Stuggleburger's Stairway to Heaven?)

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AnnieB said...

the wall crawl will be like trick or treating. going door to door, seeing who has what to offer...and it better be something good!