Same Song, Different Artist: I'm on Fire

I'm on Fire was a popular song by Bruce Springsteen, and I'll be the first to admit that I never understood half of the words. Bruce may be The Boss, but Bruce mumbles.

This seems to be a very popular number to cover. The first cover I heard was from Casey Neill (not on The Sixty One).

Bat for Lashes

I was very glad to find out that the lyric was not "It's like some took a knive baby edgy and dull and put a six inch belly in the middle of my soul." and "At night I wake up with the sheets open wide"when I first heard the Bat for Lashes version. This really is a quality cover. It's dark and moody and just beautiful. Totally bumpworthy. I might even max bump it.

The Chromatics

The Chromatics also made an interesting of I'm on Fire. This is more electropoppy and has an 80s feel to it. They don't enunciate quite as clearly as Bat for Lashes. They must be American :-) This is an interesting twist on the original and it's bumpworthy.


BabbleRabble's cover is much more like the original. In my opinion, not bumpworthy.


I liked this version because it's upbeat alt country and fun. I can picture them doing some knee slapping at a barn dance. Bumpable. Those who don't like covers would probably not care for it, nor would big Springsteen fans.

One comment I read was that covering Bruce is like covering the Beatles and you're never going to improve on it. That might be true. I think the Bat for Lashes version is beautiful and haunting and honestly, as good as the Springsteen version, but I guess that is open to debate (and that's what the comments are for.)

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