Spirit Creek

Spirit Creek got in touch with me about being added to my podcast and they were the only band that I've accepted without them first having been part of T61. I did it because both my co-host and I have seen them live and they are really really good.

Just thought I'd give Max Bumps readers a head's up so they can jump on the bump wagon earlier if so inclined.

"Since being formed in Milwaukee, WI in 1996 Spirit Creek has worked extremely hard to build an amazingly loyal following from all over the globe. Over that span of time they have shared their brand of melodic rock with thousands of faithful listeners, hitting the road hard with 200-250 dates a year and touring over hundreds of college campuses along with the club circuits. Powerful live performances and the “Yahoo best unsigned bands in America” earned Spirit Creek many accolades from around the world. This buzz granted them the honor of performing with over 40 national acts (Nickelback, Creed, Buckcherry, Stained, Lifehouse, Saliva, 3 Doors Down, Soul Asylum, and Bush to name a few) gaining a multitude of exposure, awards and industry interest.

Spirit Creek’s 3 disc album “A Culture of Unaccountability” slated for release in 2008 will have a combination of world wide industry names like Steven Haigler, Ted Jensen, and Ron Saint Germain @ world renowned recording Studio’s like Smart and Sterling Sound. The fifty plus song album “A Culture of Unaccountability” will also feature Milwaukee national and local heroes like Trevor Sadler, David Vartanian, and Brad Zwieg."


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