SNYtunes: Where’s the Beef?

There may be a lull of new music on the site, but there is an even bigger lull in a particular genre that has existed ever since thesixtyone was first conceived. That genre is hip-hop. I am in the minority as both a hip-hop artist and as a hip-hop fan. I came to this site on January 3rd along with some thousand or so users looking for great unsigned music. While my heart has its roots in many genres, including Alternative, Pop and Rock, it is rap that has always demanded and received my full attention thanks to the brilliant word play, in-your-face subject matter and addicting rhythms.

As a former fanatic I found myself constantly voicing my defense of rap against the biased and misinformed community. I figured on a music site like this, things would be different. While I have seen no vocal hate against rap on thesixtyone, it is all too apparent that this is not a community that respects it much as an art form. On my first day here the only rap song in sight was an average track by an artist named WALE. You’ve no doubt heard his song W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E.. The only thought that came to mind was “is this really the best the site has to offer?”.

While I have come across a handful of talented rap artists since my first day, I still have the same question lingering in my mind. Is this the best we have to offer as a music community? I find myself in disbelief when these talented rap artists remain under-bumped in comparison to even the dregs of other genres. Are we so trapped in our favorite genres that we can’t see beyond their familiar borders? Why are the hip-hop uploads so rare? Why is the most popular genre in the world the least popular on our site? Where’s the beef?


SNYpod said...

BTW, both sides of the fence are welcome in the discussion of hip-hop on the site.

silkworm said...

I agree that there's not enough love for hip-hop on t61 right now, and bringing these tracks to the light of day is a good start. Mark B is the perfect example of someone doing really original work who should be getting a lot more exposure on t61. I think you should make this a regular feature.

timyjl said...

Let's not forget Mac Lethal.

lankysob said...

I agree with SNYpod. Even though, to be honest, hip-hop isn't high on my list of frequented genres (mostly because of the manufactured junk that gets played non-stop on MTV and mainstream radio - the bitches, hoes and flaunting of wealth got old looong ago), but I've always been one to give credit where it's due for lyrical skills. One of my favorites I'd love to see on the61 is Atmosphere. Atmosphere is one of my all-time favorites, genre be damned. Pick anything off the Lucy Ford EP and you definitely won't be disappointed.

Anyways, another I've found on the61 that I'll throw out there is P. Coates. Let's Go Supernova, especially.

willie said...

Interesting subject snypod. I wouldn't say Hip Hop uploads are rare, good ones are, there's plenty of rubbish though. Then like Lanky said many are just so old and tiresome. A recent one from someone who clearly had talent began 'I'm gonna fuck yo' bitch!'. So 30 seconds in I'm thinking grow up.
Hip Hop is not a genre I know well, I've bumped more than I would have expected. Some of my favorite 'underbumps' are Hip Hop. But it has to grab me like any other genre.
BTW I'm hoping some old school UK Hip Hop will be coming soon. I'll be interested to see what you make of that :)

ImOnlySleeping said...

A couple of others uploading their own material would be
The Coup
s-cape (who I like better than Moon & Monday as a whole)

I'm assuming this thread was more around artists that are actively uploading, but the Cadence Weapon track is good. Plus he's on tour now with Buck65 (at least they're both on the Canadian stops)

Punts said...

Totally agree with snypod. Bring on the hip AND the hop. I'll fire off a quick note to an artist friend of mine in NYC and see if I can either get him to join, or at least set up an account for him.